61 Commits (0f71b79b6fbc689f988fa647235362e4f7c09719)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  jim 0f71b79b6f Fix makefile 9 years ago
  jdonnal d6f01a3497 changed nerdjack packet data type for 64 bit compilers and adjusted the Makefile for proper linking of the math library 10 years ago
  jim 76143e7eb4 Revert previous commit 10 years ago
  jim 3ba616841e Add temperature conversion. Example usage: ethstream -vvv -c -L -C 141 -r 10 10 years ago
  jim 6bc683fb21 Support setting values to go with timer modes 10 years ago
  jim 640edf6aab Fix windows build 10 years ago
  jim e2bf34ed0c Fix spelling error 10 years ago
  cschantz 56a79c00f6 The changes allow ethstream to set the gain of individual labjack analog input channels 10 years ago
  nilm bb4912a43c Add timestamps to debug output in ethstream 10 years ago
  nilm 16bf9f89ef ignore SIGPIPE 10 years ago
  nilm 267e0e32a5 fix make install when /usr/local/man/man1 does not exist 11 years ago
  nilm 588385bcb1 Fix makefile for new ubuntu, no idea why the old one is broken 11 years ago
  jim ced565f372 get rid of extraneous breaks 11 years ago
  jim e6e9d32a54 Don't convert non-analog channels to volts 11 years ago
  jim 9cdb4ea77c Fix typo 11 years ago
  jim 53ddf346d7 Unify timeouts 11 years ago
  jim b0be6473b8 Fix warnings 11 years ago
  jim 9353f2b3f2 ignore that 11 years ago
  jim b697801e3e Don't store this 11 years ago
  jim 5a14055029 Fix some build stuff with dependency tracking (oops) 11 years ago
  jim 25bed4b644 rename 11 years ago
  jim cd63e2fb11 Move ethstream to the parent directory 11 years ago
  zacharyc 329871bf56 Fixed example formatting a bit. 12 years ago
  zacharyc f4f809eee3 Added "examples" to code 12 years ago
  zacharyc ec1ae04a5b Bumped version number and finished fixing up Windows autodetect support. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 67163dc1a2 Added Windows stub support for autodetection. 12 years ago
  zacharyc a29bf180ab Implemented Jim's hdhomerun autodetect for POSIX. Works great. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 4cccb783f0 Fixed up "range" argument 12 years ago
  nilm 5e7f4ac97e Increased timeout to at least 1 minute 12 years ago
  zacharyc a57c0c22c2 Massive cleanup and refactoring of data_stream function. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 2e3f2f4b23 Made ethstream reset a little easier. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 4592b6a75b Changed nerdjack limits 12 years ago
  nilm d1447e2af8 Changed clock again 12 years ago
  nilm b9130788f2 Fixed annoying bug with NerdJack header 12 years ago
  nilm ed150ead35 Changed around packet structure 12 years ago
  nilm 519a0c2e29 Made changes to ethstream to work with new clock 12 years ago
  zacharyc 190fd3f3a7 Reverted clock change. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 9c174d12b0 Forgot a carriage return 12 years ago
  zacharyc b1e049eed0 Changed clock rate of NerdJack and added error checking to packets 12 years ago
  zacharyc d461365275 Added better error recovery code. 12 years ago
  zacharyc a4eede145b Added limits to issue warnings about high sample rates 12 years ago
  zacharyc 6562c0b787 Fixed bug when output pipe is closed without a KILL signal 12 years ago
  zacharyc 7f79ec8ff3 Ran indent on code to fix inconsistent style. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 1dd09ea52d Made timeouts more reasonable for small sample rates. 12 years ago
  zacharyc ded6c7e5f4 Removed silicon workaround 12 years ago
  zacharyc f2d6566051 Packet reordering shifted PC side. 12 years ago
  zacharyc 357e808986 Introduced usage of full 20 bits of PWM period counter 12 years ago
  zacharyc 0ed2935deb Better command structure using hton, ntoh, and friends 12 years ago
  zacharyc 1a2ed51d0c Added one second sleep in code to let nerdjack recover from previous run 12 years ago
  zacharyc 679b4ef64f Fixed a few bugs to increase reliability and drop first line. 12 years ago