29 Commits (d1447e2af80b50555ad2bbdf8db807f968841d47)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  nilm d1447e2af8 Changed clock again 15 years ago
  nilm b9130788f2 Fixed annoying bug with NerdJack header 15 years ago
  nilm ed150ead35 Changed around packet structure 15 years ago
  nilm 519a0c2e29 Made changes to ethstream to work with new clock 15 years ago
  zacharyc 190fd3f3a7 Reverted clock change. 15 years ago
  zacharyc 9c174d12b0 Forgot a carriage return 15 years ago
  zacharyc b1e049eed0 Changed clock rate of NerdJack and added error checking to packets 15 years ago
  zacharyc d461365275 Added better error recovery code. 15 years ago
  zacharyc a4eede145b Added limits to issue warnings about high sample rates 15 years ago
  zacharyc 6562c0b787 Fixed bug when output pipe is closed without a KILL signal 15 years ago
  zacharyc 7f79ec8ff3 Ran indent on code to fix inconsistent style. 15 years ago
  zacharyc 1dd09ea52d Made timeouts more reasonable for small sample rates. 15 years ago
  zacharyc ded6c7e5f4 Removed silicon workaround 15 years ago
  zacharyc f2d6566051 Packet reordering shifted PC side. 15 years ago
  zacharyc 357e808986 Introduced usage of full 20 bits of PWM period counter 15 years ago
  zacharyc 0ed2935deb Better command structure using hton, ntoh, and friends 15 years ago
  zacharyc 1a2ed51d0c Added one second sleep in code to let nerdjack recover from previous run 15 years ago
  zacharyc 679b4ef64f Fixed a few bugs to increase reliability and drop first line. 15 years ago
  zacharyc 770a83b8f7 Fixed bug in precision argument for ethstream 15 years ago
  zacharyc 627a1bf22b Slight bit of code cleanup. More to come 15 years ago
  zacharyc 43c8e19c67 Basic resume functionality working 15 years ago
  zacharyc 4aab606162 Fixed up rate determination and added memory test routine for NerdJack 15 years ago
  zacharyc c81d372d23 Made commands fixed width 15 years ago
  zacharyc 407a91c764 Merged Jim's changes to ljstream. This now should respect disk full errors 15 years ago
  zacharyc 1d760e033b Updated ethstream to have separate Command and Data ports for NerdJack 15 years ago
  zacharyc 57cfac2bec Changed output format so that numbers are between 0 and 65536 instead of 15 years ago
  zacharyc 5b731f3e7e Now ethstream falls back from Labjack to Nerdjack 15 years ago
  zacharyc 4524f53495 Added ability to have duplicate channels for compatibility with 15 years ago
  zacharyc a9200acc15 Combine ljstream with nerjack tools to make ethstream 15 years ago