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  1. export USERNAME="nilm"
  2. export USERFULLNAME="NILM User"
  3. export HOST="nilmbuntu-live"
  4. export BUILD_SYSTEM="Ubuntu"
  5. export FLAVOUR="NILMbuntu"
  6. # Do the inital user setup even though UID 1000 already exists.
  7. # This also needs to be set in /etc/environment, for ubiquity,
  8. # but we do that in preseed/early_command so that it only shows
  9. # up in the LiveCD image.
  10. export OVERRIDE_SYSTEM_USER=true
  11. # The ISO has a UUID stored in /.disk/casper-uuid-generic, which
  12. # won't match the new UUID that update-initramfs put in /conf/uuid.conf,
  13. # so it won't find the live media at casper boot.
  14. # Easiest way to avoid this is to set a blank UUID, so that the
  15. # UUID checks are skipped.
  16. export UUID=""