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Tools to customize an Ubuntu Live CD.  Many parts of this will end up
being version-specific. The host machine must be running systemd,
since the image is executed inside a systemd-nspawn container.

Set up host machine, which must be running a recent systemd:

sudo apt-get install squashfs-tools xorriso isolinux systemd-container iptables
sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd

Choose a config:

export BUILD_CONFIG=16.04

Download and extract the original ISO:


Apply customizations, both to the outer ISO and the inner image.
This will also run inside a container:


(Optional) Run and enter a shell in the container, for manual customization:


Build the new ISO:


Boot the ISO in QEMU with a blank HDD, to test and install:

./ -c

Boot QEMU with the same HDD image as above, to test an "installed" system:

./ -d

Remove everything but the ISOs: