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Add option to include interval start/end markup on extract

When enabled, lines like "# interval-start 1234567890123456" and "#
interval-end 1234567890123456" will be added to the data output.  Note
that there may be an "interval-end" timestamp followed by an identical
"interval-start" timestamp, if the response at the nilmdb level was
split up into multiple chunks.

In general, assume contiguous data if previous_interval_end ==
Jim Paris 8 years ago
6 changed files with 78 additions and 10 deletions
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nilmdb/client/ View File

@@ -171,7 +171,8 @@ class Client(object):
params["end"] = timestamp_to_string(end)
return self.http.get_gen("stream/intervals", params)

def stream_extract(self, path, start = None, end = None, count = False):
def stream_extract(self, path, start = None, end = None,
count = False, markup = False):
Extract data from a stream. Returns a generator that yields
lines of ASCII-formatted data that matches the database
@@ -179,6 +180,9 @@ class Client(object):

Specify count = True to return a count of matching data points
rather than the actual data. The output format is unchanged.

Specify markup = True to include comments in the returned data
that indicate interval starts and ends.
params = {
"path": path,
@@ -189,6 +193,8 @@ class Client(object):
params["end"] = timestamp_to_string(end)
if count:
params["count"] = 1
if markup:
params["markup"] = 1
return self.http.get_gen("stream/extract", params)

def stream_count(self, path, start = None, end = None):

+ 4
- 1
nilmdb/cmdline/ View File

@@ -29,6 +29,8 @@ def setup(self, sub):
group.add_argument("-a", "--annotate", action="store_true",
help="Include comments with some information "
"about the stream")
group.add_argument("-m", "--markup", action="store_true",
help="Include comments with interval starts and ends")
group.add_argument("-T", "--timestamp-raw", action="store_true",
help="Show raw timestamps in annotated information")
group.add_argument("-c", "--count", action="store_true",
@@ -61,7 +63,8 @@ def cmd_extract(self):
for dataline in self.client.stream_extract(self.args.path,
if self.args.bare and not self.args.count:
# Strip timestamp (first element). Doesn't make sense
# if we are only returning a count.

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- 2
nilmdb/server/ View File

@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@ Manages both the SQL database and the table storage backend.
from __future__ import absolute_import
import nilmdb.utils
from nilmdb.utils.printf import *
from nilmdb.utils.time import timestamp_to_string

from nilmdb.utils.interval import IntervalError
from nilmdb.server.interval import Interval, DBInterval, IntervalSet
@@ -533,7 +534,8 @@ class NilmDB(object):

def stream_extract(self, path, start = None, end = None, count = False):
def stream_extract(self, path, start = None, end = None,
count = False, markup = False):
Returns (data, restart) tuple.

@@ -546,10 +548,14 @@ class NilmDB(object):
and a new request with a start time of 'restart' will fetch
the next block of data.

count, if true, means to not return raw data, but just the count
'count', if true, means to not return raw data, but just the count
of rows that would have been returned. This is much faster
than actually fetching the data. It is not limited by

'markup', if true, indicates that returned data should be
marked with a comment denoting when a particular interval
starts, and another comment when an interval ends.
stream_id = self._stream_id(path)
table =
@@ -578,14 +584,26 @@ class NilmDB(object):
row_end = row_max
restart = table[row_max]

# Add markup
if markup:
result.append("# interval-start " +
timestamp_to_string(interval.start) + "\n")

# Gather these results up
result.append(table.get_data(row_start, row_end))

# Count them
remaining -= row_end - row_start

# Add markup, and exit if restart is set.
if restart is not None:
if markup:
result.append("# interval-end " +
timestamp_to_string(restart) + "\n")
if markup:
result.append("# interval-end " +
timestamp_to_string(interval.end) + "\n")

if count:
return matched

+ 12
- 6
nilmdb/server/ View File

@@ -402,14 +402,18 @@ class Stream(NilmApp):
def extract(self, path, start = None, end = None, count = False):
def extract(self, path, start = None, end = None,
count = False, markup = False):
Extract data from backend database. Streams the resulting
entries as ASCII text lines separated by newlines. This may
make multiple requests to the nilmdb backend to avoid causing
it to block for too long.

Add count=True to return a count rather than actual data.
If 'count' is True, returns a count rather than actual data.

If 'markup' is True, adds comments to the stream denoting each
interval's start and end timestamp.
if start is not None:
start = string_to_timestamp(start)
@@ -428,21 +432,23 @@ class Stream(NilmApp):
raise cherrypy.HTTPError("404 Not Found", "No such stream")

def content(start, end, count):
def content(start, end):
# Note: disable chunked responses to see tracebacks from here.
if count:
matched = self.db.stream_extract(path, start, end, count)
matched = self.db.stream_extract(path, start, end,
count = True)
yield sprintf("%d\n", matched)

while True:
(data, restart) = self.db.stream_extract(path, start, end)
(data, restart) = self.db.stream_extract(
path, start, end, count = False, markup = markup)
yield data

if restart is None:
start = restart
return content(start, end, count)
return content(start, end)

class Exiter(object):
"""App that exits the server, for testing"""

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- 0
tests/data/extract-8 View File

@@ -0,0 +1,28 @@
# interval-start 1332496919900000
1332496919900000 2.523050e+05 2.254020e+05 4.779410e+03 3.638030e+03 8.138070e+03 4.334460e+03 1.083780e+03 3.743730e+03
1332496919908333 2.551190e+05 2.237870e+05 5.965640e+03 2.076350e+03 9.468790e+03 3.693880e+03 1.247860e+03 3.393680e+03
1332496919916667 2.616370e+05 2.247980e+05 4.848970e+03 2.315620e+03 9.323300e+03 4.225460e+03 1.805780e+03 2.593050e+03
1332496919925000 2.606460e+05 2.251300e+05 3.061360e+03 3.951840e+03 7.662910e+03 5.341410e+03 1.986520e+03 2.276780e+03
1332496919933333 2.559710e+05 2.235030e+05 4.096030e+03 3.296970e+03 7.827080e+03 5.452120e+03 2.492520e+03 2.929450e+03
1332496919941667 2.579260e+05 2.217080e+05 5.472320e+03 1.555700e+03 8.495760e+03 4.491140e+03 2.379780e+03 3.741710e+03
1332496919950000 2.610180e+05 2.242350e+05 4.669770e+03 1.876190e+03 8.366680e+03 3.677510e+03 9.021690e+02 3.549040e+03
1332496919958333 2.569150e+05 2.274650e+05 2.785070e+03 3.751930e+03 7.440320e+03 3.964860e+03 -3.227860e+02 2.460890e+03
1332496919966667 2.509510e+05 2.262000e+05 3.772710e+03 3.131950e+03 8.159860e+03 4.539860e+03 7.375190e+02 2.126750e+03
1332496919975000 2.556710e+05 2.223720e+05 5.826200e+03 8.715560e+02 9.120240e+03 4.545110e+03 2.804310e+03 2.721000e+03
1332496919983333 2.649730e+05 2.214860e+05 5.839130e+03 4.659180e+02 8.628300e+03 3.934870e+03 2.972490e+03 3.773730e+03
1332496919991667 2.652170e+05 2.233920e+05 3.718770e+03 2.834970e+03 7.209900e+03 3.460260e+03 1.324930e+03 4.075960e+03
# interval-end 1332496919991668
# interval-start 1332496920000000
1332496920000000 2.564370e+05 2.244300e+05 4.011610e+03 3.475340e+03 7.495890e+03 3.388940e+03 2.613970e+02 3.731260e+03
1332496920008333 2.539630e+05 2.241670e+05 5.621070e+03 1.548010e+03 9.165170e+03 3.522930e+03 1.058930e+03 2.996960e+03
1332496920016667 2.585080e+05 2.249300e+05 6.011400e+03 8.188660e+02 9.039950e+03 4.482440e+03 2.490390e+03 2.679340e+03
1332496920025000 2.596270e+05 2.260220e+05 4.474500e+03 2.423020e+03 7.414190e+03 5.071970e+03 2.439380e+03 2.962960e+03
1332496920033333 2.551870e+05 2.246320e+05 4.738570e+03 3.398040e+03 7.395120e+03 4.726450e+03 1.839030e+03 3.393530e+03
1332496920041667 2.571020e+05 2.216230e+05 6.144130e+03 1.441090e+03 8.756480e+03 3.495320e+03 1.869940e+03 3.752530e+03
1332496920050000 2.636530e+05 2.217700e+05 6.221770e+03 7.389620e+02 9.547600e+03 2.666820e+03 1.462660e+03 3.332570e+03
1332496920058333 2.636130e+05 2.252560e+05 4.477120e+03 2.437450e+03 8.510210e+03 3.855630e+03 9.594420e+02 2.387180e+03
1332496920066667 2.553500e+05 2.262640e+05 4.283720e+03 3.923940e+03 7.912470e+03 5.466520e+03 1.284990e+03 2.093720e+03
1332496920075000 2.527270e+05 2.246090e+05 5.851930e+03 2.491980e+03 8.540630e+03 5.623050e+03 2.339780e+03 3.007140e+03
1332496920083333 2.584750e+05 2.235780e+05 5.924870e+03 1.394480e+03 8.779620e+03 4.544180e+03 2.132030e+03 3.849760e+03
1332496920091667 2.615630e+05 2.246090e+05 4.336140e+03 2.455750e+03 8.055380e+03 3.469110e+03 6.278730e+02 3.664200e+03
# interval-end 1332496920100000

+ 7
- 0
tests/ View File

@@ -596,6 +596,8 @@ class TestCmdline(object):
test(6, "10:00:30", "10:00:31", extra="-b")
test(7, "10:00:30", "10:00:30.999", extra="-a -T")
test(7, "10:00:30", "10:00:30.999", extra="-a --timestamp-raw")
test(8, "10:01:59.9", "10:02:00.1", extra="--markup")
test(8, "10:01:59.9", "10:02:00.1", extra="-m")

# all data put in by tests
self.ok("extract -a /newton/prep --start 2000-01-01 --end 2020-01-01")
@@ -603,6 +605,11 @@ class TestCmdline(object):
self.ok("extract -c /newton/prep --start 2000-01-01 --end 2020-01-01")

# markup for 3 intervals, plus extra markup lines whenever we had
# a "restart" from the nilmdb.stream_extract function
self.ok("extract -m /newton/prep --start 2000-01-01 --end 2020-01-01")
lines_(self.captured, 43210)

def test_09_truncated(self):
# Test truncated responses by overriding the nilmdb max_results