767 Commits (07f138e0f45136a053d41f49e92fb9bf4e4da3ef)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris 3be904d158 Work around a Numpy deprecation warning 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 5d9fc5500c Make httpclient.put take a content-type instead of picking one 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 57751f5b32 Consistently use bytes everywhere for stream data 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 1c005518d8 Remove old unicode helpers 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 3279f7ef2c Fix misnamed function 1 year ago
  Jim Paris a2e124f444 Make command a required argument for new argparse changes 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 6d673bd2be Fix commandline test character encoding issues for Py3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 613a3185e3 Avoid FutureWarning from Numpy 1 year ago
  Jim Paris c83ee65cf7 Fix integer divisions for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 113633459d Don't wait for thread to exit in __del__ 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 41abf53085 Remove references to local copy of datetime_tz 1 year ago
  Jim Paris fef3e1d31e Fix various string/bytes issues with Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 02db87eee6 Fix encoding issues in HTTP chunked responses 1 year ago
  Jim Paris ad85c3dd29 CherryPy bug 1200 is no longer an issue 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0e6ccd687b Fix missing Exception.message in Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 85d4c419fd Decode server responses from raw bytes to strings 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 159278066c Fix datetime_tz import 1 year ago
  Jim Paris b69358a185 Fix error with reraising exceptions in serializer 1 year ago
  Jim Paris e82ef60e2e Response bodies in HTTP are raw bytes 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 911d9bc284 Encode Unicode to raw bytes for server responses 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 752a9b36ae Use Python 3 super(), and add self.message back to my exceptions 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 97d17de8ad Port bulkdata and rocket to Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 5da7e6558e Fix interval comparisons for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 1928caa1d7 Use pip version of datetime_tz; fix timestamper test 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 5db034432c Update mustclose and test_mustclose for Python 3 (this was hard!) 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 55119a3e07 Port cython and C code to python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris a9eff10dbf Fix 2to3 mistake 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0f5c1c0db6 Run 2to3 automatic fixes over entire tree 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d17365ca37 Update build system for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 8125d9c840 Fix nilmdb-fsck issue caused by 022b50950f 5 years ago
  Jim Paris ba55ad82f0 Use a pure-python version of bisect_left, to fix 32-bit issues 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 45c81d2019 Fix test that would fail if reordered, or in a different timezone 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 78cfda32e3 Handle another exception from some versions of dateutil.parser 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 3658d3876b Rename deprecated config option 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 022b50950f Support using a higher initial nrows in bulkdata, for tests 6 years ago
  Jim Paris e5efbadc8e fsck: row indices are too big for slice.indices, so calculate manually 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 74f633c9da Distribute was merged back into setuptools, so use setuptools 6 years ago
  Jim Paris ab9a327130 Remove upper limit on requests library version 7 years ago
  Jim Paris da72fc9777 Explicitly avoid HTTP/1.1 persistent connections (keep-alive) 7 years ago
  Jim Paris a01cb4132d Add test for limited interval removal 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 7c3da2fe44 Limit the max number of intervals we remove in one stream_remove call 7 years ago
  Jim Paris f0e06dc436 Allow newer versions of Requests library 7 years ago
  Jim Paris ddc0eb4264 Coalesce calls to table.remove during stream_remove; significant speedup for degenerate cases 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 0a22db3965 Ignore exceptions during __del__ handlers, which may get called during shutdown 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 8bb8f068de Catch harmless error seen in apache logs during shutdown 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 416902097d Fix crash in nilmdb-fsck if there are zero intervals, etc. 7 years ago
  Jim Paris f5276e9fc8 Test --no-decim 7 years ago
  Jim Paris c47f28f93a Fix cache issue in stream_rename 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 63b5f99b90 Fix fsck 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 7d7b89b52f Add --no-decim option to nilmtool list 7 years ago