1 Commits (225003f4127cf6cf49ec55c9f1896e3508642b5f)

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  Jim Paris 225003f412 Huge cleanup of namespaces, modules, packages, imports. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 9bf213707c Properly return an error if two timestamps are equal 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 6f1e6fe232 Isolate all PyTables stuff to a single file. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 5101522025 Tests pass with 100% coverage on non-cython modules 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 5130ab7e6a Start reworking the layout types. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 11cc124019 Formatters done, not necessarily fast enough though 10 years ago
  Jim Paris e2daeb5e54 - Some updates to max_results handling on server side 10 years ago
  Jim Paris f4f2493b59 Some small speed improvements. Intervals are really a pain; need to 10 years ago
  Jim Paris 7eef39d5fd notes 10 years ago
  Jim Paris c07670ac3e Make the whole nilmdb.layout parser Cython, and rewrite the parsing 10 years ago