10 Commits (bcd21b3498b4edc758821f03dfcba116ada646dd)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris 6645395924 Improve branch coverage for numpyclient 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 57751f5b32 Consistently use bytes everywhere for stream data 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 613a3185e3 Avoid FutureWarning from Numpy 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 41abf53085 Remove references to local copy of datetime_tz 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 49d04db1d6 Allow start==end in stream_insert_context, if no data was provided. 8 years ago
  Jim Paris ea838d05ae Warn against reused context managers, and fix broken tests 8 years ago
  Jim Paris b98ff1331a Fix bug where too much data was getting written to each file. 8 years ago
  Jim Paris cf3b8e787d Add test for wrong number of fields in numpy insert 8 years ago
  Jim Paris e95142eabf Huge update to support inserting in client.numpyclient, with tests 8 years ago
  Jim Paris c7f2df4abc Add nilmdb.client.numpyclient.NumpyClient with stream_extract_numpy 8 years ago