15 Commits (bcd21b3498b4edc758821f03dfcba116ada646dd)

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  Jim Paris 57751f5b32 Consistently use bytes everywhere for stream data 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 1928caa1d7 Use pip version of datetime_tz; fix timestamper test 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 0f5c1c0db6 Run 2to3 automatic fixes over entire tree 2 years ago
  Jim Paris 45c81d2019 Fix test that would fail if reordered, or in a different timezone 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 90b96799ac Bulk of the switch to int64 microsecond timestamps, including test data. 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 56679ad770 Move more datetime_tz calls into common code 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 1d7acbf916 Remove null timestamper, speed up insert --none a tiny bit 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f316026592 Move datetime_tz package under nilmdb.utils 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 225003f412 Huge cleanup of namespaces, modules, packages, imports. 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 3d212e7592 Move test helpers into subdirectory 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f355c73209 Refactor utility classes into nilmdb.utils subdir/namespace 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 7dfa288270 Can now insert data using command line tool. Time to benchmark etc. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris e1bf680d13 pass data to server 9 years ago
  Jim Paris b72e276eb8 More timestamper tests. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 0808ed5bd8 Add datetime_tz module from python-datetime-tz repository. This could 9 years ago