25 Commits (e0559c2ed1bd3833cc42bc831f9248f6d763a521)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris e0559c2ed1 tests: fill out coverage for new fsck features 8 months ago
  Jim Paris b5f6fcc253 fsck: detect problems with _format file, and remove stream if empty 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 905e325ded fsck: add fixer that fully removes a stream 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 648b6f4b70 fsck: improve instructions about removing leftover data 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 7f8a2c7027 fsck: remove unnecessary raises 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 83daeb148a Add fsck scan for any data timestamps outside interval range 8 months ago
  Jim Paris bcd21b3498 Improve fsck test coverage to 100% 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 99ac47cf0d Start implementing fsck test and porting fsck to Python 3 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 4cdaef51c1 Fix flake8-reported issues with fsck 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 2ed544bd30 Fix flake8-reported code style issues 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 79e544c733 Fix python2->3 conversion of pickle 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 57751f5b32 Consistently use bytes everywhere for stream data 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0f5c1c0db6 Run 2to3 automatic fixes over entire tree 1 year ago
  Jim Paris e5efbadc8e fsck: row indices are too big for slice.indices, so calculate manually 6 years ago
  Jim Paris 416902097d Fix crash in nilmdb-fsck if there are zero intervals, etc. 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 63b5f99b90 Fix fsck 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 6868f5f126 fsck: limit max retries so we don't get stuck in a loop forever 7 years ago
  Jim Paris ca0943ec19 fsck: add --no-data option to do a quicker fsck 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 68addb4e4a Clarify output when fsck database is locked 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 68c33b1f14 fsck: add comma separator on big numbers 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 8dd8741100 Tweak options, dependencies, documentation 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 8e6341ae5d Verify that data timestamps are monotonic 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 422b1e2df2 More fsck improvements. Fixed two problems on sharon so far. 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 0f745b3047 More fsck tools, including fixes 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 71cd7ed9b7 Add nilmdb-fsck tool to check database consistency 7 years ago