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Jim Paris 66fa6f3824 Add rendering test 11 years ago
datetime_tz Add datetime_tz module from python-datetime-tz repository. This could 12 years ago
nilmdb Some documentation and other cleanups in 11 years ago
tests Add rendering test 11 years ago
.coveragerc playing with coverage a bit 12 years ago
.gitignore add .gitignore 11 years ago
Makefile Work on command line client, and some improvements to server 12 years ago
README.txt Fix timezone issues in cmdline test 11 years ago
TODO Update TODO 11 years ago Start reworking the layout types. 11 years ago A lot more command line testing. 12 years ago Use simplejson instead of json for performance 12 years ago
setup.cfg Working on getting the RBTree working. Intersections are busted. 11 years ago
time-bxintersect add RBtree C++ example that I based this on; update tests 11 years ago TODO update 12 years ago


sudo apt-get install python-nose python-coverage
sudo apt-get install python-tables cython python-cherrypy3