155 Commits (9f498759693aed876f0bf95e01078febd8aaf876)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris 9f49875969 Add nilm-cleanup test, update for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 05be240564 Add nilm-median test, and update for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 7bed742957 Add nilm-sinefit test, and update for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 3a8c04e04a Add nilm-insert test, and update for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0fa46c09a9 Add nilm-decimate-auto test 1 year ago
  Jim Paris aae4d79eaf Add --max argument for nilm-decimate-auto 1 year ago
  Jim Paris bef2054357 Fix nilm-decimate-auto for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d8df408ce1 Add nilm-decimate test, and fix support for int64 types 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 453c015f5e No need to manually encode output for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris feb12ecfc1 Add nilm-copy-wildcard test 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 060bd8fee3 Fix test order 1 year ago
  Jim Paris b1f2a3c5d5 Replace self.raise() with self.fail() + self.contain() in tests 1 year ago
  Jim Paris c15b53924d Use multiprocessing to start multiple servers in tests 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0f9f0ded71 Add test framework, and initial test for nilm-copy 1 year ago
  Jim Paris f507e793a2 Run 2to3 over all code 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0c1a3449cb Start Python 3 conversion 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0cf2db6c5e Fix divide by zero in sinefit 7 years ago
  Jim Paris f530edd8a0 sfit4: if interpolated DFT fails, use peak 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 4d946bee79 Set shell and path in sample cron script 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 13ceb91999 Add test_sinefit makefile target 8 years ago
  Jim Paris dab9625296 Run fsck at startup 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 3e7527ab57 Support -h and -v in nilm-trainola 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 31b6d82dfc Make 'make test' do nothing from command line 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 077010ba3a Store nshift in prep metadata 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 77751a8529 Fix typo in help text 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 9c711300a2 Add short form of --force-metadata, -F 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 74cf34e2ad Update sharon cleanup.cfg 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 120bf58b85 Support --nometa option for copy_one and copy_wildcard 8 years ago
  Jim Paris c26daa9a3b Update crontab 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 6993f5c886 Fix process termination in nilm-pipewatch 8 years ago
  Sharon NILM dd69f3e51d Update process.sh 8 years ago
  Jim Paris dc26e32b6e Make interhost, force_metadata private to Filter 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 981f23ff14 Better documentation for callback function 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 492445a469 Split off useful math functions to math.py 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 33c3586bea trainola: suppress peaks if larger ones are nearby 8 years ago
  Jim Paris c1e0f8ffbc Fix bug in copy_one 8 years ago
  Jim Paris d2853bdb0e Add test case for bad trainola detections 8 years ago
  Jim Paris a4d4bc22fc Add --skip option to nilm-insert 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 6090dd6112 prep: only process intervals present in both raw & sinefit 8 years ago
  Sharon NILM 9c0d9ad324 Sample scripts from Sharon 8 years ago
  Sharon NILM 8b9c5d4898 Fix daemon dependency 8 years ago
  Jim Paris cf2c28b0fb Add --daemon flag 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 87a26c907b Watch for process termination too 8 years ago
  Jim Paris def465b57c Improve pipewatch; add nilm-pipewatch script 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 0589b8d316 start of pipewatch util 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 9c5f07106d Don't need python-pip 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 62e11a11c0 Fix issue with column ordering in the exemplars 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 2bdcee2c36 More helpful error if exemplar stream doesn't exist 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 6dce8c5296 More output 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 25c35a56f6 Trainola inserts into the destination stream now 8 years ago