14 Commits (65bb278628c6ef9befa0ed3fa47e965dfe1aeb93)

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  jim 8cfabe4697 Continuing work... 12 years ago
  nilm fe38a04cb4 fix 13 years ago
  jim 882392fe0a fixes 13 years ago
  jim bd726e0095 some cleanups to the read utility 13 years ago
  jim 9551231ef5 better errors 13 years ago
  jim 2e900f66ad fix c99 issues 13 years ago
  jim 0399f1cb3e Add serial I/O helpers 13 years ago
  jim c3bd4a62d7 Update scaling with new values, and fix bug in combination 13 years ago
  jim 06e8c490ba update stuff 13 years ago
  jim 80942a646b update help text 13 years ago
  jim a46bdbcc9b messages 14 years ago
  jim 39231ac217 more features 14 years ago
  jim 9ecacf9ad9 Process ADC+DAC packets from the Zoom Nilm board and dump it out. 14 years ago
  jim 842c93bd98 Start tool to read ADC data from FTDI at 1mbit 14 years ago