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Add NEWS in preparation for the new release

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@@ -2,16 +2,92 @@ This file includes highlights of the changes made in the OpenOCD
source archive release.

JTAG Layer:
* SWD support with FTDI, Versaloon, J-Link, sysfsgpio
* CMSIS-DAP massive speed and stability improvements
* Versaloon driver ported to libusb-1.0
* STLink can reestablish communication with a target that was
disconnected or rebooted
* STLink FAULT and WAIT SWD handling improved
* New hla_serial command to distinguish between several HLA
adapters attached to a single machine
* Serial number support for CMSIS-DAP and J-Link adapters
* Support for more J-Link adapters
* TAP autoprobing improvements
* Big speedup for SVF playback with USB Blaster

Boundary Scan:

Target Layer:
* Stability improvements for targets that get disconnected or
rebooted during a debug session
* MIPS speed and reliability improvements
* MIPS 1.5/2.0 fixes
* ARMv7-R improvements
* Cortex-A improvements, A7, A15 MPCores support
* FPU support for ARMv7-M (Cortex-M4F)
* TPIU/ITM support (including SWO/SWV tracing), can be
captured with external tools or STLink
* JTAG Serial Port (Advanced Debug System softcore) support
* Profiling support for OpenRISC
* ChibiOS/RT 3.0 support (with and without FPU)
* FreeRTOS current versions support
* Freescale MQX RTOS support
* GDB target description support for MIPS
* The last created target is auto-selected as the current

Flash Layer:
* nRF51 async loader to improve flashing performance and stability
* Cypress PSoC 41xx/42xx family flash driver
* Silabs SiM3 family flash driver
* Marvell Wireless Microcontroller SPI flash driver
* Kinetis mass erase (part unsecuring) implemented
* lpcspifi stability fixes
* STM32 family sync with reference manuals, L0 support, bugfixes
* LPC2000 driver automatically determines part and flash size
* NXP LPC11(x)xx, LPC13xx, LPC15xx, LPC8xx, LPC5410x, LPC407x support
* Atmel SAMD, SAMR, SAML21 devices support
* Atmel SAM4E16 support
* ZeroGecko family support
* TI Tiva C Blizzard and Snowflake families support
* Nuvoton NuMicro M051 support

Board, Target, and Interface Configuration Scripts:
* Normal target configs can work with HLA (STLink, ICDI) adapters
* STM32 discovery and Nucleo boards configs
* Gumstix AeroCore board config
* General Plus GP326XXXA target config
* Micrel KS869x target config
* ASUS RT-N66U board config
* Atmel SAM4E-EK board config
* Atmel AT91SAM4L proper reset handling implemented
* TI OMAP/AM 3505, 3517 target configs
* nRF51822-mKIT board config
* RC Module К1879ХБ1Я target config
* TI TMDX570LS20SUSB board config
* TI TMS570 USB Kit board config
* TI CC2538, CC26xx target configs
* TI AM437x major config improvements, DDR support
* TI AM437X IDK board config
* TI SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3200 LaunchPad configs
* Silicon Labs EM357, EM358 target configs
* Infineon XMC1000, XMC4000 family targets and boards configs
* Atheros AR9331 target config
* TP-LINK TL-MR3020 board config
* Alphascale asm9260t target and eval kit configs
* Olimex SAM7-LA2 (AT91SAM7A2) board config
* EFM32 Gecko boards configs
* Spansion FM4 target and SK-FM4-176L-S6E2CC board configs
* LPC1xxx target configs were restructured
* IoT-LAB debug adapter config
* DP BusBlaster KT-Link compatible config

Server Layer:
* Polling period can be configured
* "shutdown" command has an immediate effect
* The "program" command doesn't lead to a shutdown by
default, use optional "exit" parameter for the old behaviour
* Proper OS signal handling was implemented
* Async target notifications for the Tcl RPC


@@ -22,7 +98,7 @@ This release also contains a number of other important functional and
cosmetic bugfixes. For more details about what has changed since the
last release, see the git repository history:

For older NEWS, see the NEWS files associated with each release