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Project Description Owner Last Change
jim/accelog.git Accelerometer logger Jim Paris 4 years ago
jim/avrisp.git ATTiny programmer with LUFA Jim Paris 6 years ago
jim/bash-git-prompt.git Fancy bash prompt for git repos Jim Paris 15 months ago
jim/gdb-image-server.git GDB remote server for memory images Jim Paris 3 years ago
jim/git-annex.git Git Annex Jim Paris 22 months ago
jim/libmc1322x.git libmc1322x Jim Paris 5 years ago
jim/lufa-ftdi.git FTDI USB-to-serial emulation for LUFA Jim Paris 3 years ago
jim/nesusb.git NES controller to USB adapter Jim Paris 5 years ago
jim/neswii.git NES controller to Wii extension port Jim Paris 6 years ago
jim/parislights.git Simple lighting controller Jim Paris 2 years ago
jim/powerpal.git PowerPal Jim Paris 5 years ago
jim/refpoint.git Place reference points on 2D images to make a 3D model Jim Paris 6 years ago
jim/terminal.git Simple serial terminal in Python Jim Paris 10 months ago