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@@ -51,4 +51,30 @@ Default implementation of procedures in tcl/procedures.tcl.
has two choices a) parse the output from flash_banks
or b) write a small piece of tcl to output the
flash_banks output to a more suitable form. The latter may
be simpler.
be simpler.
External scripting
The embedded Jim Tcl interpreter in OpenOCD is very limited
compared to any full scale PC hosted scripting language.

The goal is to keep the internal Jim Tcl interpreter as
small as possible and allow any advanced scripting,
especially scripting that interacts with the host,
run on the host and talk to OpenOCD via the TCP/IP
scripting connection.

Another problem with Jim Tcl is that there is no debugger
for it.

With a bit of trickery it should be possible to run Jim
Tcl scripts under a Tcl interpreter on a PC. The advantage
would be that the Jim Tcl scripts could be debugged using
a standard PC Tcl debugger.

The rough idea is to write an unknown proc that sends
unknown commands to OpenOCD.

Basically a PC version of startup.tcl. Patches most
gratefully accepted! :-)