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@@ -576,11 +576,13 @@ Currently, there are no options available for the ep93xx interface.
@item @b{cortex_m3}
@item @b{feroceon}
@item @b{xscale}
@item @b{arm11}
@item @b{mips_m4k}
@end itemize

If you want to use a target board that is not on this list, see Adding a new
target board
target board.
The @option{target types} command can be used to get the list of targets supported from within openocd.

Endianess may be @option{little} or @option{big}.

@@ -638,6 +640,16 @@ be detected and the normal reset behaviour used.
Supported variants are @option{ixp42x}, @option{ixp45x}, @option{ixp46x},
@option{pxa250}, @option{pxa255}, @option{pxa26x}.

@subsection arm11 options
@cindex arm11 options

@subsection mips_m4k options
@cindex mips_m4k options
Use variant @option{ejtag_srst} when debugging targets that
do not provide a functional SRST line on the EJTAG connector.
This causes openocd to instead use an EJTAG software reset command to reset the processor.
You still need to enable @option{srst} on the reset configuration command to enable openocd hardware reset functionality.

@section Flash configuration
@cindex Flash configuration