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add overridable Tcl "init_reset"

This abstracts the "jtag arp_init-reset" call into a method
called from OpenOCD startup and reset processing.

Platforms which have different requirements for how such hard
resets must be performed can now override "init_reset" instead
of needing to rebuild custom hacked versions of the server.

Signed-off-by: David Brownell <>
David Brownell 13 years ago
2 changed files with 23 additions and 8 deletions
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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@ JTAG Layer:
New reset_config options for SRST gating the JTAG clock (or not)
TAP declaration no longer requires ircapture and mask attributes
New "post-reset" event handler for TAP-invariant setup code
Overridable Tcl "init_reset" and "jtag_init" procedures

Target Layer:
New commands for use with Cortex-M3 processors:

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src/helper/startup.tcl View File

@@ -134,6 +134,23 @@ proc ocd_gdb_restart {target_id} {
reset halt

# This reset logic may be overridden by board/target/... scripts as needed
# to provide a reset that, if possible, is close to a power-up reset.
# Exit requirements include: (a) JTAG must be working, (b) the scan
# chain was validated with "jtag arp_init" (or equivalent), (c) nothing
# stays in reset. No TAP-specific scans were performed. It's OK if
# some targets haven't been reset yet; they may need TAP-specific scans.
# The "mode" values include: halt, init, run (from "reset" command);
# startup (at OpenOCD server startup, when JTAG may not yet work); and
# potentially more (for reset types like cold, warm, etc)
proc init_reset { mode } {
jtag arp_init-reset

global in_process_reset
set in_process_reset 0

@@ -189,10 +206,7 @@ proc ocd_process_reset_inner { MODE } {

# Use TRST or TMS/TCK operations to reset all the tap controllers.
# TAP reset events get reported; they might enable some taps.
# REVISIT arp_init-reset pulses SRST (if it can) with TRST active;
# but SRST events aren't reported (unlike "jtag arp_reset", below)
jtag arp_init-reset
init_reset $MODE

# Examine all targets on enabled taps.
foreach t $targets {
@@ -361,11 +375,11 @@ proc capture_catch {a} {

# Executed during "init". Can be implemented by target script
# tar
# Executed during "init". Can be overridden
# by board/target/... scripts
proc jtag_init {} {
if {[catch {jtag arp_init} err]!=0} {
# try resetting additionally
jtag arp_init-reset
init_reset startup