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Added tip in documentation on how to translate quirky syntax

Øyvind Harboe 13 years ago
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ Free Documentation License''.
* Running:: Running OpenOCD
* OpenOCD Project Setup:: OpenOCD Project Setup
* Config File Guidelines:: Config File Guidelines
* Translating Configuration Files:: Translating Configuration Files
* Daemon Configuration:: Daemon Configuration
* Interface - Dongle Configuration:: Interface - Dongle Configuration
* Reset Configuration:: Reset Configuration
@@ -911,7 +912,6 @@ It provides guidelines for creating those files.
You should find the following directories under @t{$(INSTALLDIR)/scripts},
with files including the ones listed here.
Use them as-is where you can; or as models for new files.

@itemize @bullet
@item @file{interface} ...
think JTAG Dongle. Files that configure JTAG adapters go here.
@@ -1464,6 +1464,46 @@ Examples:
@item pxa270 - again - CS0 flash - it goes in the board file.
@end itemize

@node Translating Configuration Files
@chapter Translating Configuration Files
@cindex translation
If you have a configuration file for another hardware debugger(Abatron,
BDI2000, BDI3000, Lauterbach, Segger, MacRaigor, etc.), translating
it into OpenOCD syntax is often quite straightforward. The most tricky
part of creating a configuration script is oftentimes the reset init
sequence where e.g. PLLs, DRAM and the like is set up.

One trick that you can use when translating is to write small
Tcl proc's to translate the syntax into OpenOCD syntax. This
can avoid manual translation errors and make it easier to
convert other scripts later on.

Example of transforming quirky arguments to a simple search and
replace job:

# rewrite commands of the form below to arm11 mcr...
# Lauterbach syntax(?)
# Data.Set c15:0x042f %long 0x40000015
# OpenOCD syntax when using procedure below.
# setc15 0x01 0x00050078
proc setc15 @{regs value@} @{

echo [format "set p15 0x%04x, 0x%08x" $regs $value]

arm11 mcr $TARGETNAME 15 [expr ($regs>>12)&0x7] [expr ($regs>>0)&0xf] [expr ($regs>>4)&0xf] [expr ($regs>>8)&0x7] $value
@end example

@node Daemon Configuration
@chapter Daemon Configuration
@cindex initialization

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tcl/board/imx35pdk.cfg View File

@@ -21,6 +21,9 @@ proc setc15 {regs value} {

proc imx35pdk_init { } {
# this reset script comes from the Freescale PDK
echo "Target Setup: initialize DRAM controller and peripherals"