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  1. Submitting patches to the OpenOCD mailing list:
  2. By the time you have read this, one supposes that
  3. you have figured out how to clone the OpenOCD git
  4. repository.
  5. Below is a basic workflow and specific instructions
  6. to get you going with git and patches.
  7. 0. Clone the git repository, rather than just
  8. download the source.
  9. git clone git://
  10. or if you have problems with the "git:" protocol, use
  11. the slower http protocol:
  12. git clone
  13. 1. Set up git with your name and email:
  14. git config --global "John Smith"
  15. git config --global ""
  16. 2. Work on your patches. Split the work into
  17. multiple small patches that can be reviewed and
  18. applied seperately and safely to the OpenOCD
  19. repository.
  20. while(!done) {
  21. work - edit files using your favorite editor.
  22. run "git commit -a" to commit all changes.
  23. }
  24. TIP! use "git add ." before commit to add new files.
  25. 3. Next you need to make sure that your patches
  26. are on top of the latest stuff on the server and
  27. that there are no conflicts.
  28. git pull --rebase
  29. 4. Generate the patch files. This will generate
  30. patches for all commits that are on top of
  31. the latest stuff on the server:
  32. git format-patch origin/master
  33. 5. Email the patches to