descriptionSimple serial terminal in Python
ownerJim Paris
last changeWed, 5 Nov 2014 00:44:46 +0000 (19:44 -0500)
2014-11-05  Jim ParisTODO master
2013-11-30  Jim ParisFix bug in detecting EOF
2013-11-26  Jim ParisConsider backspace printable
2013-07-05  Jim ParisImprove raw quoting; add Python 3 support
2013-07-05  Jim ParisFix read/write issues by not using nonblocking mode
2013-07-05  Jim ParisFix header, quiet flags
2013-07-05  Jim ParisImprove serial read speeds by using a larger nonblockin...
2013-07-05  Jim ParisAdd configurable read/write buffer size
2013-07-05  Jim ParisSend header to stderr; omit instructions if piped
2013-07-05  Jim ParisSwitch raw and quiet mode automatically based on TTY
2013-07-05  Jim ParisWorkaround PySerial bug that causes 100% CPU usage
2013-07-04  Jim ParisCleanup
2013-07-04  Jim ParisSignificantly speed up writes
2013-07-03  Jim ParisAdd hardware flow control option v1.0
2012-11-15  Jim ParisAdd --raw and --mono options
2012-11-15  Jim ParisFix colors when we have more than 7 devices
3 years ago v1.0 Version 1.0
2 years ago master