descriptionSimple serial terminal in Python
ownerJim Paris
last changeMon, 24 Jul 2017 18:43:43 +0000 (14:43 -0400)
2017-07-24  Jim ParisLock output so that terminal escape sequences don't mix master
2017-04-27  Jim ParisFix typo
2017-04-26  Jim ParisAdd send_cr option to translate LF to CR on output
2014-11-05  Jim ParisTODO
2013-11-30  Jim ParisFix bug in detecting EOF
2013-11-26  Jim ParisConsider backspace printable
2013-07-05  Jim ParisImprove raw quoting; add Python 3 support
2013-07-05  Jim ParisFix read/write issues by not using nonblocking mode
2013-07-05  Jim ParisFix header, quiet flags
2013-07-05  Jim ParisImprove serial read speeds by using a larger nonblockin...
2013-07-05  Jim ParisAdd configurable read/write buffer size
2013-07-05  Jim ParisSend header to stderr; omit instructions if piped
2013-07-05  Jim ParisSwitch raw and quiet mode automatically based on TTY
2013-07-05  Jim ParisWorkaround PySerial bug that causes 100% CPU usage
2013-07-04  Jim ParisCleanup
2013-07-04  Jim ParisSignificantly speed up writes
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