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  1. # deltas are in microseconds
  2. 1000000 2.61246e+05 2.22735e+05 4.60340e+03 2.58221e+03 8.42804e+03 3.41890e+03 9.57898e+02 4.00585e+03
  3. 1000000 2.56439e+05 2.24775e+05 2.92897e+03 4.66646e+03 7.58491e+03 3.57351e+03 -4.34171e+02 2.98819e+03
  4. 1000000 2.51903e+05 2.23202e+05 4.23696e+03 3.49363e+03 8.53493e+03 4.29416e+03 8.49573e+02 2.38189e+03
  5. 1000000 2.57625e+05 2.20247e+05 5.47017e+03 1.35872e+03 9.18903e+03 4.56136e+03 2.65599e+03 2.60912e+03
  6. 1000000 2.63375e+05 2.20706e+05 4.51842e+03 1.80758e+03 8.17208e+03 4.17463e+03 2.57884e+03 3.32848e+03
  7. 1000000 2.59221e+05 2.22346e+05 2.98879e+03 3.66264e+03 6.87274e+03 3.94223e+03 1.25928e+03 3.51786e+03
  8. 50000000 2.51918e+05 2.22281e+05 4.22677e+03 2.84764e+03 7.78323e+03 3.81659e+03 8.04944e+02 3.46314e+03
  9. 1000000 2.54478e+05 2.21701e+05 5.61366e+03 1.02262e+03 9.26581e+03 3.50152e+03 1.29331e+03 3.07271e+03
  10. 1000000 2.59568e+05 2.22945e+05 4.97190e+03 1.28250e+03 8.62081e+03 4.06316e+03 1.85717e+03 2.61990e+03
  11. 1000000 2.57269e+05 2.23697e+05 3.60527e+03 3.05749e+03 7.22363e+03 4.90330e+03 1.93736e+03 2.35357e+03
  12. 1000000 2.52274e+05 2.21438e+05 5.01228e+03 2.86309e+03 7.87115e+03 4.80448e+03 2.18291e+03 2.93397e+03