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  Jim Paris e28af0bb67 Regenerate PDF with fill style empty for everything. 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 2ca034161d Update schematic 9 years ago
  Jim Paris cc2eb93cbb make frames/docfields consistent between pages 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 70c07973f0 Update schematics and board PDF; update to Eagle 6 9 years ago
  jim d526f509f8 add PDF renders 10 years ago
  jim 9ff8d25871 remove old zip 13 years ago
  waritw c773745e3a git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7579 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 0ffb2cbe1c correct BOM 13 years ago
  jim 6bb8739e20 tag r2 13 years ago
  jim 635368d125 add BOM for logic parts 13 years ago
  jim 2453668d4b add r2 zip 13 years ago
  jim 1cd617883f Silkscreen fixups 13 years ago
  waritw 0251b09709 change ground plane polygon and output trace width 13 years ago
  waritw 84baef1649 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7543 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  waritw 15f7fc04ef git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7542 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  waritw 8398f348b8 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7541 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim ee6515e3ba Shrink PIC side 13 years ago
  waritw 4d8c926ac3 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7539 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 044fc15adc route airwires 13 years ago
  waritw 073731b3e5 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7537 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  waritw 946332a882 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7536 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 9db0b6f2ca Some analog stuff 14 years ago
  jim 64ac794388 digital side changes 14 years ago
  jim b2cc9dd7aa More work 14 years ago
  jim 46ea13f297 more changes. need to discuss with warit.. 14 years ago
  jim 05cefdfe62 Fix library, update to eagle 5 etc 14 years ago
  jim 679d0e580d Update changes.txt 14 years ago
  jim 1b8fb56141 branch r1 version of zoom 14 years ago
  jim 98b2a8545c I don't know 14 years ago
  jim 184f1e5557 Add changes. DC-DC converter is screwed. 14 years ago
  jim 49fb2ba168 Update resistor values to match BOM 14 years ago
  jim b4107c3f70 revert board/sch to previous versions 14 years ago
  jim 12ba54eea7 add bom and order info 14 years ago
  jim dfc0b45f43 shrink board to 4.95x6, 30 inches is max for 66each! 14 years ago
  jim 7c70bf2137 misc changes, ready for 66each 14 years ago
  jim c176eda076 checkpoint, silk good enough 14 years ago
  jim 9281fc5844 checkpoint, routing finished 14 years ago
  jim f10594125c checkpoint 97... analog side complete 14 years ago
  jim 41d4d55509 checkpoint 98 14 years ago
  jim eceb47ac29 checkpoint 104 14 years ago
  jim 7168ff7317 checkpoint 138 14 years ago
  jim 1aab025670 checkpoint 168 14 years ago
  jim d08f2e07d6 checkpoint 14 years ago
  jim a5e2e82837 checkpoint 14 years ago
  jim db029be78c Update with 12, 24 bit DAC 14 years ago
  jim a339ef0f2f Updated with optoisolators for DAC, added 5V DAC supply, PIC wiring to 14 years ago
  jim 13d63ad751 remove old file 14 years ago
  jim 1127fb08d0 More integration; fixing ERC errors etc. 14 years ago
  jim 4926849e04 Got the PIC board imported into this schematic 14 years ago
  jim 0824b31699 rename coilDriver -> zoomNILM 14 years ago