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David Brownell 12 years ago
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@@ -78,6 +78,10 @@ There are some known bugs to fix in JTAG adapter drivers:
- usbprog.c
- vsllink.c
- rlink/rlink.c
- bug: USBprog is broken with new tms sequence; it needs 7-clock cycles.
Fix promised from Peter Denison openwrt at
Workaround: use "tms_sequence long" @par

The following tasks have been suggeted for improving OpenOCD's JTAG
interface support:
@@ -131,10 +135,6 @@ Once the above are completed:

- general layer cleanup: @par
- bug: either USBprog is broken with new tms sequence or there is a general
problem with XScale and the new tms sequence. Workaround: use "tms_sequence long"
- regression: "reset halt" between 729(works) and 788(fails): @par
- ARM7/9:
@@ -144,7 +144,7 @@
- add reset option to allow programming embedded ice while srst is asserted.
Some CPUs will gate the JTAG clock when srst is asserted and in this case,
it is necessary to program embedded ice and then assert srst afterwards.
- ARM923EJS:
- ARM926EJS:
- reset run/halt/step is not robust; needs testing to map out problems.
- ARM11 improvements (MB?)
- add support for asserting srst to reset the core.