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first stab at imx35 reset init script

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oharboe 13 years ago
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@@ -0,0 +1,272 @@
# The IMX35PDK eval board has a single IMX35 chip
source [find target/imx35.cfg]
$_TARGETNAME configure -event reset-init { imx35pdk_init }

memwrite burst disable
#arm11 no_increment enable


# rewrite commands of the form below to arm11 mcr...
# Data.Set c15:0x042f %long 0x40000015
proc setc15 {regs value} {

echo [format "set p15 0x%04x, 0x%08x" $regs $value]

arm11 mcr $TARGETNAME 15 [expr ($regs>>12)&0x7] [expr ($regs>>0)&0xf] [expr ($regs>>4)&0xf] [expr ($regs>>8)&0x7] $value

proc imx35pdk_init { } {
echo "Target Setup: initialize DRAM controller and peripherals"
# Data.Set c15:0x01 %long 0x00050078
setc15 0x01 0x00050078
echo "configuring CP15 for enabling the peripheral bus"
# Data.Set c15:0x042f %long 0x40000015
setc15 0x042f 0x40000015
mww 0x43f00040 0x00000000
mww 0x43f00044 0x00000000
mww 0x43f00048 0x00000000
mww 0x43f0004C 0x00000000
mww 0x43f00050 0x00000000
mww 0x43f00000 0x77777777
mww 0x43f00004 0x77777777
mww 0x53f00040 0x00000000
mww 0x53f00044 0x00000000
mww 0x53f00048 0x00000000
mww 0x53f0004C 0x00000000
mww 0x53f00050 0x00000000
mww 0x53f00000 0x77777777
mww 0x53f00004 0x77777777
# clock setup
mww 0x53F80004 0x00821000 # first need to set IPU_HND_BYP
mww 0x53F80004 0x00821000 #arm clock is 399Mhz and ahb clock is 133Mhz.
# WEIM config
# CS0U
mww 0xB8002000 0x0000CC03
# CS0L
mww 0xB8002004 0xA0330D01
# CS0A
mww 0xB8002008 0x00220800
# CS5U
mww 0xB8002050 0x0000dcf6
# CS5L
mww 0xB8002054 0x444a4541
# CS5A
mww 0xB8002058 0x44443302
# IO SW PAD Control registers - setting of 0x0002 is high drive, mDDR
mww 0x43FAC368 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC36C 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC370 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC374 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC378 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC37C 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC380 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC384 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC388 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC38C 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC390 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC394 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC398 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC39C 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3A0 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3A4 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3A8 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3AC 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3B0 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3B4 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3B8 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3BC 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3C0 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3C4 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3C8 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3CC 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3D0 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3D4 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC3D8 0x00000006
# DDR data bus SD 0 through 31
mww 0x43FAC3DC 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3E0 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3E4 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3E8 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3EC 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3F0 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3F4 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3F8 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC3FC 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC400 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC404 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC408 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC40C 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC410 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC414 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC418 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC41c 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC420 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC424 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC428 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC42c 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC430 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC434 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC438 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC43c 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC440 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC444 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC448 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC44c 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC450 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC454 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC458 0x00000082
# DQM setup
mww 0x43FAC45c 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC460 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC464 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC468 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC46c 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC470 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC474 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC478 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC47c 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC480 0x00000006 # CSD0
mww 0x43FAC484 0x00000006 # CSD1
mww 0x43FAC488 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC48c 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC490 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC494 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC498 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC49c 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC4A0 0x00000006
mww 0x43FAC4A4 0x00000006 # RAS
mww 0x43FAC4A8 0x00000006 # CAS
mww 0x43FAC4Ac 0x00000006 # SDWE
mww 0x43FAC4B0 0x00000006 # SDCKE0
mww 0x43FAC4B4 0x00000006 # SDCKE1
mww 0x43FAC4B8 0x00000002 # SDCLK
# SDQS0 through SDQS3
mww 0x43FAC4Bc 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC4C0 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC4C4 0x00000082
mww 0x43FAC4C8 0x00000082
# *==================================================
# Initialization script for 32 bit DDR2 on RINGO 3DS
# *==================================================
# Init CCM
mww 0x53F80028 0x7D000028
# Init IOMUX for JTAG
mww 0x43FAC5EC 0x000000C3
mww 0x43FAC5F0 0x000000C3
mww 0x43FAC5F4 0x000000F3
mww 0x43FAC5F8 0x000000F3
mww 0x43FAC5FC 0x000000F3
mww 0x43FAC600 0x000000F3
mww 0x43FAC604 0x000000F3
# ESD_MISC : enable DDR2
mww 0xB8001010 0x00000304
# Init 32-bit DDR2 memeory on CSD0
# COL=10-bit, ROW=13-bit, BA[1:0]=Addr[26:25]
# ESD_ESDCFG0 : set timing paramters
mww 0xB8001004 0x007ffC2f
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select Prechare-All mode
mww 0xB8001000 0x92220000
# DDR2 : Prechare-All
mww 0x80000400 0x12345678
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select Load-Mode-Register mode
mww 0xB8001000 0xB2220000
# DDR2 : Load reg EMR2
mwb 0x84000000 0xda
# DDR2 : Load reg EMR3
mwb 0x86000000 0xda
# DDR2 : Load reg EMR1 -- enable DLL
mwb 0x82000400 0xda
# DDR2 : Load reg MR -- reset DLL
mwb 0x80000333 0xda
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select Prechare-All mode
mww 0xB8001000 0x92220000
# DDR2 : Prechare-All
mwb 0x80000400 0x12345678
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select Manual-Refresh mode
mww 0xB8001000 0xA2220000
# DDR2 : Manual-Refresh 2 times
mww 0x80000000 0x87654321
mww 0x80000000 0x87654321
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select Load-Mode-Register mode
mww 0xB8001000 0xB2220000
# DDR2 : Load reg MR -- CL=3, BL=8, end DLL reset
mwb 0x80000233 0xda
# DDR2 : Load reg EMR1 -- OCD default
mwb 0x82000780 0xda
# DDR2 : Load reg EMR1 -- OCD exit
mwb 0x82000400 0xda # ODT disabled
# ESD_ESDCTL0 : select normal-operation mode
# DSIZ=32-bit, BL=8, COL=10-bit, ROW=13-bit
# disable PWT & PRCT
# disable Auto-Refresh
mww 0xB8001000 0x82220080
## ESD_ESDCTL0 : enable Auto-Refresh
mww 0xB8001000 0x82228080
## ESD_ESDCTL1 : enable Auto-Refresh
mww 0xB8001008 0x00002000
# Adjust the ESDCDLY5 register
# Vary DQS_ABS_OFFSET5 for writes
mww 0xB8001020 0x00F48000 # this is the default value
mww 0xB8001024 0x00F48000 # this is the default value
mww 0xB8001028 0x00F48000 # this is the default value
mww 0xB800102c 0x00F48000 # this is the default value
#Then you can make force measure with the dedicated bit (Bit 7 at ESDMISC)
mww 0xB8001010 0x00000384
# wait a while
sleep 1000
# now clear the force measurement bit
mww 0xB8001010 0x00000304
# dummy write to DDR memory to set DQS low
mww 0x80000000 0x00000000
mww 0x30000100 0x0
mww 0x30000104 0x31024