435 Commits (a21affa42906f55311ec047782a427fcbcb98994)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Mathias K 423bfc49f9 board: Add Sony Ericsson J100I Phone 10 years ago
  Mathias K d6334188ec config: Add TI Calypso CPU configuration 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver bb3793c9a4 target: remove legacy target events 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 0eaa8e7db0 jtag: add opendous and estick support 10 years ago
  Freddie Chopin caeb057205 Use hardware reset and connect under reset on boards with ST-LINK/V2, as 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver a09bb27e23 cfg: add stm320518-eval onboard stlink config 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7fca524606 cfg: increase stm32f0discovery board working area 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 85c0375337 cfg: increase stm32f0 default working area 10 years ago
  Bill Traynor dcb222e072 cfg: Deleted duplicate busblaster.cfg and renamed original. 10 years ago
  Bill Traynor f7a37efc3f cfg: Fixed product link to Flyswatter2 10 years ago
  Bill Traynor 388d041e0f cfg: add default pid/vid pair to beaglebone board cfg. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ee38fff78b cfg: fix incorrect stm32vldiscovery working area 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8002ed268d cfg: allow stm32discovery parameter override 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ff6c3dd13c cfg: remove unused stlink options 10 years ago
  Olivier Schonken d1cd97777b topic: Added support for the SAM4S variants 10 years ago
  Allen Martin f908bae6bf cfg: Add interface config for Dangerous Prototypes Bus Blaster 10 years ago
  Uwe Hermann 28e43783e5 Split olimex_stm32_h107.cfg. 10 years ago
  David Anders 43d4ae4763 pandaboard: add initial TCL support for pandaboard-es 10 years ago
  David Anders 28c0f2befc omap4460: add initial TCL support for the omap4460 es1.0 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7e2fb7ce9a cfg: add stm32f0discovery board config 10 years ago
  Uwe Hermann b6068f5a48 Glyn Tonga2: Faster JTAG speed after CPU/RAM init. 10 years ago
  Stephane Bonnet 57dce9560a ft2232: Support for Digilent HS1 USB adapter 10 years ago
  Wjatscheslaw Stoljarski (Slawa) 108a458ab8 cfg: add icnova_imx53_sodimm board config 10 years ago
  Wjatscheslaw Stoljarski (Slawa) e3b3273433 cfg: add imx53loco board config 10 years ago
  Simon Widmer fad7240689 Support for KaRo TX25 CPU Module on a StarterkitV base board 10 years ago
  Uwe Hermann 1748aab2c9 Initial config for the Voltcraft DSO-3062C. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 067ac78b61 cfg: add support for STM3220G-EVAL onboard STLINK 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e9976aa3a8 cfg: add STM32F4x and STM3241G-EVAL config files 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 4e31b87943 scripts: use adapter_nsrst_delay not deprecated jtag_nsrst_delay 10 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 90d33c5c87 Added tcl config scripts for SAM3A/X targets and devboard 10 years ago
  Chris Morgan 8fc35a696f Create a init_board procedure for the ea dev board. 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 35e7377160 cfg: correct pic32mx config typo's 10 years ago
  Jan Dakinevich 34d1f82c75 jtag: basic support for P&E Micro OSBDM (aka OSJTAG) adapter 10 years ago
  Øyvind Harboe ed12a6521f flash: retire unused eCos flash driver 10 years ago
  Jim Norris 0ab3f83667 Add new configuration files for the Diolan LPC-4350-DB1 development 10 years ago
  Jaap de Jong 428d1559ee config: fix typo in at91 config 10 years ago
  Neil Jensen 21a0f9b48b cfg: Beaglebone/AM335x refactor 10 years ago
  Neil Jensen 3a7ca6a621 cfg: beaglebone cleanup 10 years ago
  Neil Jensen dec6b91380 cfg: beaglebone 10 years ago
  Neil Jensen e6580a3cff cfg: Beaglebone Support 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver f0ef9960b6 cfg: enable stm32f2x SYSRESETREQ support 10 years ago
  Jonathan Dumaresq 445770c081 Fix Typo in cfg file 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver fd39a5e8ad cfg: change default stellaris working area 10 years ago
  Jonathan Dumaresq b0ef9cf117 Add stm32f0x target 10 years ago
  Lars Poeschel 87bf0db125 add icnova_sam9g45_sodimm support 10 years ago
  James Robinson 5d43ffd5bc topic: Add support for i.MX28EVK 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 5bcb78f181 cfg: add revb ek-lm3s811 board config 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 60c2ea144b cfg: fix incorrect STM32L SW-DP id 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 19edcec872 cfg: add stm32ldiscovery board config 10 years ago
  Spencer Oliver d608dcaa62 cfg: add ST-LINK TRANSPORT config override 10 years ago