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This live CD is customized by roughly following the guidelines at:
plus a lot of other info, like ubiquity and casper source code, and
additions for making the resulting iso EFI bootable.
Tools to customize an Ubuntu Live CD. Many parts of this will end up
being version-specific. The host machine must be running systemd,
since the image is executed inside a systemd-nspawn container.
extract the original iso
Set up host machine, which must be running a recent systemd:
apply customizations
sudo apt-get install squashfs-tools xorriso isolinux systemd-container iptables
sudo systemctl start systemd-networkd
chroot into the install (for optional manual customization)
Choose a config:
build the new iso
export BUILD_CONFIG=16.04 -c
boot the iso in qemu with a blank hdd, to test the install
Download and extract the original ISO: -d
boot the installed hdd in qemu
remove everything but the isos
Apply customizations, both to the outer ISO and the inner image.
This will also run inside a container:


sudo apt-get install squashfs-tools xorriso isolinux systemd-container
time sudo sh -c "env BUILD_CONFIG=12.10 ./"
time sudo sh -c "env BUILD_CONFIG=13.04 ./"
(Optional) Run and enter a shell in the container, for manual customization:


Build the new ISO:


Boot the ISO in QEMU with a blank HDD, to test and install:

./ -c

Boot QEMU with the same HDD image as above, to test an "installed" system:

./ -d

Remove everything but the ISOs: