9 Commits (nilmdb-2.1.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris 88466dcafe Add yappi dependency for "nilmdb-server -y", but don't require ipython 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 8dfb8da15c Freeze requirements to specific versions 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 2ed544bd30 Fix flake8-reported code style issues 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 9126980ed4 Add tests for bash completion; fix Unicode bug that turned up 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 96eadb0577 Add test for WSGI server, and fix a str/bytes bug that it found 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d8df6f515f Update setup.py and build instructions 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 0b631b7dea Use built-in json module rather than external simplejson 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 735c8497af Change == to >= in requirements.txt, so we aren't stuck in the past 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 7252e40c2d Move dependencies into requirements.txt 1 year ago