62 Commits (master)

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  Jim Paris eae6dd623f Freeze requirements 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 09a9ed9734 Fix #! at top of shell scripts for py3 and venvs 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 079a2b5192 Fix nilmrun scripts for python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris e7f52a4013 Update versioneer 1 year ago
  Jim Paris c36b9b97e0 Add missing MANIFEST.in, update .gitignore 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 549a27e66c Add flake8 tests and clean up warnings 1 year ago
  Jim Paris cd68389e9a Update for Python 3 and psutil >= 2. 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 6faf563bda Remove nilmrun.testfilter 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 58fd9d1559 Run cherrypy always in "embedded" mode 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 2bc939d42d CherryPy bug 1200 is no longer an issue 1 year ago
  Jim Paris fe36722684 Use built-in json module rather than external simplejson 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 24740a838e Run 2to3 over all code 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d332fa1e0f Fix inconsistent indentation 1 year ago
  Jim Paris cbc7a7dd55 Start Python 3 conversion 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 38c3e67cf9 Fix long lines 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 7f05a0fb62 Switch to bash for Unicode tests 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 81c2ad07d4 More robust checking in 09_info test 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 3588e843ac Replace burnP5 with dd 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 9309fd9b57 Change -V option to -v everywhere 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 21bd1bd050 Always print header, even if no processes 8 years ago
  Jim Paris cafdfce4f0 Add nilmrun-ps, -kill, and -run commands 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 477c27a4e6 Clean up temp dirs and processes at exit 8 years ago
  Jim Paris bed26e099b Put each code in its own dir; save args too 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 9224566f9b More robust process killing 8 years ago
  Jim Paris a8ecad9329 Use NilmDB serializer for ProcessManager 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 5b878378f3 Translate UTF-8 in command output more robustly 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 5cd38f1ba9 Don't spin so fast in tests while waiting 8 years ago
  Jim Paris d7551bde0b Make 'args' optional to /run/code 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 40fd377a38 Remove 'name' from spawned processes 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 6e7f3ac704 Remove nilm-trainola script 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 29adb47a33 Fix test order 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 7c605a469a Cleanup dependencies 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f5225f88f9 Add max CPU percentage 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 32e59310ef Fix for dead processes 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 5a33ef48cc Add /process/info request 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 18a5cd6334 Improve boolean parameter parsing 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 7ec4d60d38 Fix WSGI docs 9 years ago
  Jim Paris b2bdf784ac Make test URLs relative 9 years ago
  Jim Paris e0709f0d17 Remove multiprocessing due to mod_wsgi incompatibility; use subprocess 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 18d3cff772 Update WSGI docs 9 years ago
  Jim Paris a7b9656916 Remove parameters from status output 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 2e9ec63675 Don't catch SystemExit from a subprocess 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 6d295b840a Delete trainola; it will live in nilmtools repo 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 74a05d05d6 Clear out traceback object to avoid reference cycles 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 35b20c90a5 Rename and reorganize stuff 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 6d9ee7b405 Ability to run user provided code now 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 721d6c4936 Add run_code_string function, untested 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 973d328e1e Rename some URLs (/process/command -> /run/command, etc) 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 0338d40226 One fewer process when spawning commands 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 734e1d9b52 Add /process/command; fix killing of forked processes 9 years ago