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  jim 7df0122961 Bugfixes & updates. 13 years ago
  jim 1b8fb56141 branch r1 version of zoom 13 years ago
  jim b3b1e70836 workspace 13 years ago
  jim c5c949c509 All the changes I made on Friday before my computer blew up 13 years ago
  waritw 309b3098fc git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@6882 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 98b2a8545c I don't know 13 years ago
  jim 184f1e5557 Add changes. DC-DC converter is screwed. 13 years ago
  jim 49fb2ba168 Update resistor values to match BOM 13 years ago
  jim b4107c3f70 revert board/sch to previous versions 13 years ago
  jim 12ba54eea7 add bom and order info 13 years ago
  jim dfc0b45f43 shrink board to 4.95x6, 30 inches is max for 66each! 13 years ago
  jim 7c70bf2137 misc changes, ready for 66each 13 years ago
  jim c176eda076 checkpoint, silk good enough 13 years ago
  jim 9281fc5844 checkpoint, routing finished 13 years ago
  jim f10594125c checkpoint 97... analog side complete 13 years ago
  jim 41d4d55509 checkpoint 98 13 years ago
  jim eceb47ac29 checkpoint 104 13 years ago
  jim 7168ff7317 checkpoint 138 13 years ago
  jim 1aab025670 checkpoint 168 13 years ago
  jim d08f2e07d6 checkpoint 13 years ago
  jim a5e2e82837 checkpoint 13 years ago
  jim db029be78c Update with 12, 24 bit DAC 13 years ago
  jim a339ef0f2f Updated with optoisolators for DAC, added 5V DAC supply, PIC wiring to 13 years ago
  jim 13d63ad751 remove old file 13 years ago
  jim 1127fb08d0 More integration; fixing ERC errors etc. 13 years ago
  jim 4926849e04 Got the PIC board imported into this schematic 13 years ago
  jim 0824b31699 rename coilDriver -> zoomNILM 13 years ago
  jim 6a89684e24 merge my parts into warit's library 13 years ago
  jim 951b1b4f18 add warit's stuff 13 years ago
  jim 077cd65f18 DAC schematics 14 years ago
  jim 940b385d70 make subdir for picboard 14 years ago
  jim 5576f16062 remove data 14 years ago
  jim 71b0e4f619 window tracks properly now 14 years ago
  jim 7896f8463c misc 14 years ago
  jim 6bf768d812 todo 14 years ago
  jim 457b56fd82 update notes 14 years ago
  jim c495a51866 Update for latest circuit changes 14 years ago
  jim 98c57c9d87 update notes 14 years ago
  jim 4fddc90a8c Debug mode -- control the DAC from PC at 115200 14 years ago
  jim 5c87e71d9c add notes on a6302 version 14 years ago
  jim 62b66640b3 notes 14 years ago
  jim 3ec4418e17 misc 14 years ago
  jim d6ad6b3db5 copy 14 years ago
  jim f2a917d9d9 rename 14 years ago
  jim ee92276a06 correct math 14 years ago
  jim 4bad573aee updates 14 years ago
  jim 3cc41727e1 add sample data and process script 14 years ago
  jim a16510eb1f Sort of works. 14 years ago
  jim a46bdbcc9b messages 14 years ago
  jim 85dce25c03 more scaling 14 years ago