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  Jim Paris 75dfbb28b3 Cleanups for thesis inclusion 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 150732ee3c Cleanups for thesis inclusion 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 431f387b55 Fix line endings 8 years ago
  jim d526f509f8 add PDF renders 9 years ago
  nilm 3de3af7169 Update makehist 11 years ago
  jim 6b5a14b01f Changes to fix the real-10-bit case. 11 years ago
  nilm d59462ae25 add data 11 years ago
  jim 06efd7b5c2 add dac test results 11 years ago
  nilm 903b52ec39 Update calibrate to use hold_ota instead of hold_ota2 11 years ago
  nilm 3bec37256b report time too; 11 years ago
  nilm c51f400c5a fixes 11 years ago
  jim 65bb278628 add dac test code 11 years ago
  jim 555b95f641 Add support for a real 10-bit dac 11 years ago
  jim 8f1ab0cbbd add some photos of the board, most are crap 11 years ago
  jim 00eb59f5d2 add script to make data for plot 12 years ago
  jim 8d82916dc0 slightly wider range 12 years ago
  jim 398bb38bbd Fix clamp ranges 12 years ago
  jim b55bd77ffc Add range errors to lightpc.dat 12 years ago
  jim 9c5f811ae2 use unnormalized histogram output 12 years ago
  jim 81d593792d add histogram coed 12 years ago
  jim 85a3c5fd51 add 20091120 data, not good though 12 years ago
  jim 1bbb3e0e57 notes 12 years ago
  jim 2e991709ee Remove crappy data from the beginning of log-locked 12 years ago
  nilm 72e409c107 Redo, after warmup 12 years ago
  jim a2921bf297 10bit version 12 years ago
  nilm 8a92526b58 notes 12 years ago
  nilm 8fddc745fb update process 12 years ago
  nilm f0f5555b7f add 20091104 data 12 years ago
  jim 06e38991b1 Calibration seems to work now with FAKE_BITS set. 12 years ago
  jim af9b2b1ce4 Fake 10-bit mode, using random number lookup for low bits. 12 years ago
  jim 5cb6542c7e add lookup table for DAC mapping 12 years ago
  jim 2bafeaed97 fix prio 12 years ago
  jim 80d40fd319 more data 12 years ago
  jim 11d43127b3 remove text line 12 years ago
  nilm d41cd59746 Add log 12 years ago
  nilm 1773851d22 Random stepping 12 years ago
  nilm 9119cd5cdf Fix various bugs 12 years ago
  jim e9530e6b1e cleanup 12 years ago
  jim 8cfabe4697 Continuing work... 12 years ago
  nilm 57db1fee74 Add today's calibration data 12 years ago
  nilm 0f64230f3d Old changes 12 years ago
  nilm 353de3828a add new data of zoom nilm 12 years ago
  jim afebac5547 10a test 12 years ago
  jim 181d060b21 reorganize 12 years ago
  jim 318fd08377 New zoom nilm board has a new FTDI 12 years ago
  jim 1f34386bce misc 12 years ago
  jim 56bdae2230 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7727 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 12 years ago
  jim 40611cf7f7 update 12 years ago
  jim 5a32b0377f cleanup 12 years ago
  waritw 734d631667 Add the calibration from ADC to the actual current using linear least square fit 12 years ago