58 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jim Paris 1beda9d613 setup: pick host-dependent start time 1 hour ago
  Jim Paris 8d7282eac1 borg.sh: fix ssh option for read-write mode 2 hours ago
  Jim Paris 2b81094a32 backup: fix borg exit code handling for ret=0 9 hours ago
  Jim Paris e7b0320c9f backup: fix ignoring of harmless borg warnings 10 hours ago
  Jim Paris a18b9ed6d0 backup: track errors/warnings from borg; add prefix to them 10 hours ago
  Jim Paris 756dbe1898 backup: fix mypy-detected errors 10 hours ago
  Jim Paris ed1d79d400 makefile: reload systemd unit files after rebase 11 hours ago
  Jim Paris 2caceedea7 backup: show detailed progress from borg 11 hours ago
  Jim Paris 42edd0225d setup: fix bitwarden entry name 15 hours ago
  Jim Paris ad13bb343a make: add helper to rebase local branches to incorporate upstream changes 16 hours ago
  Jim Paris f2b47dcba2 backup: parse vars.sh and use hostname from that 16 hours ago
  Jim Paris d1d561cb70 setup: allow hostname to be overridden 16 hours ago
  Jim Paris 6066188ef1 vars: remove duplicate host_id 1 day ago
  Jim Paris f70bffed37 misc: ignore .venv dir 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 979dfd892f backup: revert to catching fewer exceptions 1 day ago
  Jim Paris ab6dce0c2c borg: update binary to fix upstream bug 6009 1 day ago
  Jim Paris aff447c1b6 notify: fix notify.sh to work with server side; adjust text 1 day ago
  Jim Paris f7e9c3e232 borg.sh: only try ssh keys, not password authentication 1 day ago
  Jim Paris d168c5bf54 backup: catch all OSError exceptions while accessing files 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 31d88f9345 backup: print final results and run notification script on error 1 day ago
  Jim Paris ccf54b98d7 backup: fix archive name 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 59ad2b5b4d backup: capture borg output for later reporting 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 0c74f1676c backup: add bold option to log(); simplify logic 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 5e06ebd822 backup: change some warnings into errors 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 929a323cf0 notify: add ssh key for running remote notifications; add notify.sh 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 86bb72f201 setup: fix borg path in initial connection test 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 54437456ae prune: use new vars.sh 1 day ago
  Jim Paris c7a6d08665 initial-setup: generate vars.sh instead of borg.sh; commit borg.sh 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 3c5dcd2189 config: remove /efi, it probably doesn't exist 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 1a44035ae8 makefile: fix test-backup target 1 day ago
  Jim Paris 6830daa2b1 prune: save password in an SSH agent, and compact after pruning 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 69bfecd657 borg: include borg binary in repository 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 43ceb39120 backup: support multiple roots; remove "relative absolute path" nonsense 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 35c72e7ce6 backup: calculate size only once 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 27213033a2 backup: use decorated paths for matching patterns 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 5152a316c6 backup: use helper to format binary paths as strings 2 days ago
  Jim Paris 46195daaaa Improve borg process spawning and result checking 3 days ago
  Jim Paris ffe13a45e6 Add --debug option 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 34817890b2 Update README cheat sheet 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 0af42b8217 Fix shebang line after setup 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 738573a292 Fix type issue 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 4a707968ab Spawn borg and pass input 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 356f6db2ca Remove debug prints 3 days ago
  Jim Paris e72564436c Update git setup 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 74e9e82117 Change to borg dir for setup 3 days ago
  Jim Paris e82d40bbfb Fix some exclude/include path issues; misc setup improvements 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 22b663fa61 Rework how exclude/include pattern matching works a bit 3 days ago
  Jim Paris 863b7acc9b Add arg to specify borg program 4 days ago
  Jim Paris 0f56415493 Use actual file blocks rather than apparent size; doc updates 5 days ago
  Jim Paris 0039ca1ee0 Implement filesystem scanning with configurable filters 5 days ago