9241 Commits (jim)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Tim Newsome 358ab3483d Add target_data_bits(). 2 years ago
  Adrian Negreanu 6ae38ef7f7 cmsis_dap: add support for swo commands 2 years ago
  Marc Schink c4dd883c9a target: Use 'bool' for 'reset_halt' 2 years ago
  Marc Schink a9fb73a5b0 drivers/jlink: Remove trailing dots 3 years ago
  micbis 11598cb1be target/renesas_rz_g2: Introduce tcl config file for RZ/G2 devices 2 years ago
  Jan Matyas 49820b8afd gdb_server: Log both incoming and outgoing GDB packets 2 years ago
  R. Diez a8d3f60113 Makefile: add special target .DELETE_ON_ERROR 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI e74eaaacbc tcl/target/stm32f4x: fix hardcoded chip name 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo b9f4532eb7 helper/list.h: add mention to the example in contrib 2 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 6b94d29831 contrib: add an example of using list.h 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 968f5082dd helper/list.h: align file to Linux v5.12 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo fad1eaaa42 server/telnet: fix autocomplete for jimtcl commands 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 9e7b31479b helper/jim-nvp: comply with coding style [2/2] 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo b8e18d292e helper/jim-nvp: comply with coding style [1/2] 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 3bd26ebb59 target/cortex_a: fix memory leak on watchpoints 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 0c64bb2583 target/cortex_a: add support for watchpoint length of 1, 2 and 4 bytes 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo ffaef5809c target/cortex_a: fix number of watchpoints 3 years ago
  Chengyu Zheng 1fb736f6c5 target/cortex_a: add support for watchpoints 7 years ago
  micbis b40dc09dd9 target/arm_adi_v5: Fix clear sticky overrun flag during replay of commands 2 years ago
  Marc Schink 3b4e40120b tcl/board: Add ST NUCLEO-8S208RB 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 9847a692a7 stlink: reorder the flag macro by firmware release 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo bc944c832b stlink: add comment of firmware version for each flag bit 3 years ago
  Thomas Gleixner 1d24b66911 LICENSES: Add the MIT license 6 years ago
  Antonio Borneo bfce4b41d1 help: fix line size in 'usage' output 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo a40cbd85e0 help text: remove trailing space 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 30f3a2a650 tcl: remove remaining deprecated commands 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 240943c65a rtos: use ARRAY_SIZE() and simplify rtos_type.create() 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 8446e14018 openocd: use macro ARRAY_SIZE() 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 8f6dd512c7 drivers/versaloon: use ARRAY_SIZE() 3 years ago
  Olivier DANET 4e872a797f target/zynqmp : Add AXI AP access port 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 036de3b482 riscv: replace macro DIM() with ARRAY_SIZE() 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 8d207b5d2e riscv: drop unused variable 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 2fe2cafe20 mem_ap: fix target arch_info type 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 0c5ca348ec helper/command: silent debug msg on command register/unregister 2 years ago
  R. Diez 909d45e35c configure.ac: use a separate folder for Autoconf-generated files 2 years ago
  R. Diez 6e92cd0642 Remove compatibility macros m4_ifblank and m4_ifnblank 2 years ago
  R. Diez 229c4c6a71 Warn on undefined preprocessor symbols 2 years ago
  R. Diez 1f54a0860f Document the buspirate interface driver. 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 3c4206936d openocd: fix some minor typo 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo f1bc46c78a target: fix some minor typo 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 8e337052b6 jtag: fix some minor typo 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 583be907cf flash: fix some minor typo 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 2a1f3b2574 tcl: fix some minor typo 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo f440af41ff tcl/rp2040: remove empty line at end of file 3 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI a9c004d2c8 github/action: create a permanent 'latest' release 3 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 2d16d62ddc flash/stm32l4x: add missing break statement 2 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 15dd48119a target/aarch64: fix watchpoint management 3 years ago
  Antonio Borneo 510df38407 target/arm_dpm: rename 'wp_pc' as 'wp_addr' 3 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 936cff887a cortex_m: fix VECTRESET detection for ARMv6-M cores 2 years ago
  Tarek BOCHKATI 3a85fd52b6 cortex_m: do not perform soft_reset_halt on targets without VECTRESET 3 years ago