5586 Commits (af9918deecebb9d86972a663f8878beaea4cb922)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Freddie Chopin af9918deec Add config file for Lattice LC4032ZE CPLD (ispMACH 4000ZE family) 12 years ago
  Salvador Arroyo aaf5991d79 MPSSE: Add FT232H to supported chips 12 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson f5e97b5e1b Add FTDI JTAG driver using MPSSE layer 12 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson b598efb613 Add MPSSE communications layer for FTDI chips 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 2aab7d3ce2 target: Cortex-M use consistent arm dap access 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 24c0f9470a stlink: fix arm semihosting support 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 1df6e59178 flash: add stm32f3x support 12 years ago
  Stefan Mahr 07251ab8d8 jtag: fix opendous reset command 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 5b170456f7 target: detect correct Cortex-M tar auto increment size 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 2c14497d0a jtag: remove redundant id check 12 years ago
  Stian Skjelsad e8641695c6 When calling openocd from a shell like this: 12 years ago
  Vandra Akos 9ce207a52a target.c, jim_target_md using command_print_sameline 12 years ago
  Vandra Akos 30aacc0564 target/target.c, jim_target_md refractored 12 years ago
  Andreas Fritiofson 6d639b09f0 Add a bit-level transfer queue 12 years ago
  Mike Crowe edf0c3376d topic: flash: description/id added for ATSAM3SD8C 12 years ago
  Alexander Osipenko 321948b41f J-Link: Initialize .transports to suppress warning. 12 years ago
  Olivier Schonken 24a1e7b0fc Changed SAM4S Erase for effective Sector erase 12 years ago
  Mathias K 5b0a131594 Fix idcode end of chain flag. 12 years ago
  Christopher Kilgour aeb3c4f37e kinetis: update support for all program flash granularities 12 years ago
  Alexander Osipenko 4b6af97978 J-Link: Forcibly select JTAG transport 12 years ago
  Alexander Osipenko 17ea1b31a1 JLink: added jlink_usb_io() function 12 years ago
  Alexander Osipenko b79f9ad172 J-Link Unsupported firmware version check 12 years ago
  Liviu Ionescu e571746735 docs: J-Link commands added to the manual 12 years ago
  Vandra Akos d50ce65962 lpc1768.cfg pulled out constants from flash init as variables 12 years ago
  Mirela Tauciuc 7800045671 AT91SAM7 Flash: fixed redundant assignation warning 12 years ago
  Liviu Ionescu a21affa429 tools: initial.sh fixed to accept spaces in current path 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 1b2cb095ba docs: update interface support in README 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 8fb5e8e58f docs: include static members in doxygen output 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 9b3224e887 build: remove src file execute permission 12 years ago
  Vandra Akos 445a54a669 Jim_GetResult was called twice 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver c3074f377c target: fix segfault in arm7_9 8/16bit read 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 3d2dd4a3a3 jtag: fix incorrect LOG_DEBUG abs_chain_position 12 years ago
  Mathias K 423bfc49f9 board: Add Sony Ericsson J100I Phone 12 years ago
  Mathias K d6334188ec config: Add TI Calypso CPU configuration 12 years ago
  Bill Traynor f901445524 jtag: fix osbdm.c typo 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver ffabd98d4a jtag: fix opendous typo 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 6b6e28ff02 jtag: remove opendous clang warnings 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver b908538998 stlink: check read_reg result 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 5cc004180b target: target.h typo and comment cleanup 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 1dd462a6d6 target: enable TARGET_EVENT_EXAMINE_* events 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 25b855d2d2 target: enable TARGET_EVENT_RESUME_* events 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver bb3793c9a4 target: remove legacy target events 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 482660031a target: remove duplicate target events 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver e1c40cb1c1 target: disable armv6m unaligned memory access 12 years ago
  Bill Traynor 8f842ea40a UserGuide: Updated list of supported interfaces, boards, and targets. 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7bfcc10839 build: add helper/types.h to config.h 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver a34b38d621 NEWS: add headline items 12 years ago
  Christopher Kilgour 87a9ee3625 flash/nor/driver.h: typo fix 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver f019c4f7d6 stlink: add myself to copyright header 12 years ago
  Spencer Oliver 7572059832 stlink: remove superfluous stlink_usb.h 12 years ago