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  Jim Paris 6cc1f6b7b2 Fix #! at top of shell scripts for py3 and venvs 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 0222dfebf0 Update git URL 8 months ago
  Jim Paris 9126980ed4 Add tests for bash completion; fix Unicode bug that turned up 1 year ago
  Jim Paris fb524c649f Remove old workaround for some nosetests multiprocessing bug 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d8df6f515f Update setup.py and build instructions 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 90ee127c87 Move MANIFEST.in out from setup.py into its own file 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 41abf53085 Remove references to local copy of datetime_tz 1 year ago
  Jim Paris d17365ca37 Update build system for Python 3 1 year ago
  Jim Paris 74f633c9da Distribute was merged back into setuptools, so use setuptools 6 years ago
  Jim Paris ab9a327130 Remove upper limit on requests library version 7 years ago
  Jim Paris f0e06dc436 Allow newer versions of Requests library 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 8dd8741100 Tweak options, dependencies, documentation 7 years ago
  Jim Paris 71cd7ed9b7 Add nilmdb-fsck tool to check database consistency 7 years ago
  Jim Paris d36ece3767 Fix up dependencies 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 60594ca58e Numpy is required for tests now, due to nilmdb.client.numpyclient 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 3d24092cd2 Replace bare 'except:' with 'except: Exception' 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 0ef71c193b Remove layout.pyx, since rocket replaced it 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 039b2a0557 Include nilmtool-bash-completion.sh script in .tar.gz 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 96df9d8323 Starting the C version of rocket 8 years ago
  Jim Paris e90dcd10f3 Update README and setup.py with python-requests dependency 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 841b2dab5c server: Replace /dbpath and /dbsize with a more generic /dbinfo 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 8e781506de Incorporate versioneer for versioning 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 810eac4e61 Flesh out the list of dependencies in setup.py 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 21d0e90bd9 Rework Cython and external module support. 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f071d749ce Generate a MANIFEST.in from setup.py; more setup.py and Makefile updates 8 years ago
  Jim Paris d95c354595 Print a warning in setup.py if basic dependencies aren't present 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 5c531d8273 Convert runserver.py into a generated nilmdb-server script 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 3fe3e2ca95 Move nilmtool into a dedicated nilmdb.scripts module 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f01e781469 Convert nilmtool.py into a setuptools-generated script 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 750d9e3c38 Clean up some pylint warnings and potential errors 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 018ecab310 Make setup.py executable 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 6a1d6017e2 Include datetime_tz module 8 years ago
  Jim Paris e7406f8147 Add metadata 8 years ago
  Jim Paris f316026592 Move datetime_tz package under nilmdb.utils 8 years ago
  Jim Paris a8db747768 More work on setup.py; fixed issues in setup.cfg 8 years ago
  Jim Paris 727af94722 Start working on setup.py 8 years ago
  Jim Paris c033d69836 Cleanup 10 years ago
  Jim Paris c50151c000 misc 10 years ago
  Jim Paris 5844afed0b Basic framework for a proper python package 10 years ago