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oharboe d7f71e7fe9 whitespace fixes 14 years ago
contrib Uwe Hermann <>: Make ICEbear look like other targets 14 years ago
doc stm32.cfg can expect one of 4 id's. 14 years ago
ecosflash deleted obsolete stuff. 15 years ago
src whitespace fixes 14 years ago
testing stm32 profiling wip 14 years ago
tools - Cable driver helper API courtesy of Dick Hollenbeck <> 14 years ago
AUTHORS Michael Schwingen <> add non-CFI SST flashs 14 years ago
BUGS Uwe Hermann <> typos 14 years ago
COPYING - prepare OpenOCD for branching, created ./trunk/ 17 years ago
ChangeLog retired 15 years ago
Doxyfile Doxygen config file 14 years ago
INSTALL - fix typo's 14 years ago Update autotools scripts to require automake 1.6. The script 14 years ago
NEWS - fix typo's 14 years ago
NEWTAPS jtag newtap change & huge manual update 14 years ago
PATCHES eol-style native 14 years ago
README Test of commit email from duane 14 years ago
TODO Tweaked logging output. 15 years ago
bootstrap Zach Welch <> add --enable-maintainer-mode reminder 14 years ago Re-order and extend header file tests in configure script. 14 years ago - now works as expected when build_dir is not the same as src_dir 14 years ago
uncrustify.cfg Add uncrustify config file and helper script 14 years ago


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