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  Jim Paris 150732ee3c Cleanups for thesis inclusion 9 years ago
  Jim Paris 431f387b55 Fix line endings 9 years ago
  jim 6b5a14b01f Changes to fix the real-10-bit case. 12 years ago
  jim 555b95f641 Add support for a real 10-bit dac 12 years ago
  jim a2921bf297 10bit version 13 years ago
  jim 06e38991b1 Calibration seems to work now with FAKE_BITS set. 13 years ago
  jim af9b2b1ce4 Fake 10-bit mode, using random number lookup for low bits. 13 years ago
  jim 5cb6542c7e add lookup table for DAC mapping 13 years ago
  jim 1f34386bce misc 13 years ago
  jim 56bdae2230 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7727 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 488e0fe9b0 various changes 13 years ago
  jim 8b3041faec Fixes 13 years ago
  jim 9e8129c63a Normal mode, using new calib 13 years ago
  jim a9379588cf calibration works 13 years ago
  jim 94a79e1964 pointer mixup 13 years ago
  jim aab6b45fd4 add seek/calibrate commands 13 years ago
  jim 219b30e0d7 update to fix build issues. Time to test? 13 years ago
  jim 4c6ed3cd06 rip stuff out of mode_debug, replace it with stuff in calibrate 13 years ago
  jim f99461512e calibration work, need to commit to test-compile in windows 13 years ago
  jim af0cc2dbfb misc fixes 13 years ago
  jim 3f625c3d26 update 13 years ago
  jim 8c797705d3 this is totally broken 13 years ago
  jim 267c251999 do 4000 point sweep 13 years ago
  jim 3becc85976 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7597 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 45afdd15ba transfer again 13 years ago
  jim 98b9e4c7fa does not compile -- moving to laptop 13 years ago
  jim ab11999ef2 New scaling values etc. 13 years ago
  jim adb9fbe267 Misc 13 years ago
  jim 15c0ce55c0 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7587 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 13 years ago
  jim 33a48296ba toggle normal & debug mode again 14 years ago
  jim 5a39bbe11c Fix typo in util.h 14 years ago
  jim dc0e311582 allow arbitrary value input 14 years ago
  jim 18661b23e6 I don't know 14 years ago
  jim b4375aeab2 Tweak some build options, add -O1 14 years ago
  jim 8977dea014 Include .lst files in output 14 years ago
  jim 7e3e0f9ff1 Timer improvements, degauss 14 years ago
  jim 19f41a087b Add degauss mode, scaling helpers, better handling of ADC result 14 years ago
  jim 55589a4930 git-svn-id: https://bucket.mit.edu/svn/nilm/zoom@7006 ddd99763-3ecb-0310-9145-efcb8ce7c51f 14 years ago
  jim a3a5a41951 Add 8khz streaming to debug mode 14 years ago
  jim 7df0122961 Bugfixes & updates. 14 years ago
  jim b3b1e70836 workspace 14 years ago
  jim c5c949c509 All the changes I made on Friday before my computer blew up 14 years ago
  jim 71b0e4f619 window tracks properly now 14 years ago
  jim 7896f8463c misc 14 years ago
  jim c495a51866 Update for latest circuit changes 14 years ago
  jim 4fddc90a8c Debug mode -- control the DAC from PC at 115200 15 years ago
  jim a16510eb1f Sort of works. 15 years ago
  jim 2322b564a3 Fix DAC stuff slightly 15 years ago
  jim b376f39f83 Simple "zoom nilm" behavior & sending ADC/DAC data to the PC. 15 years ago
  jim b95491274d Set up 128 KHz 12-bit ADC sampling with DMA, and send to UART at 0.5 Mbps. 15 years ago